BUDZ Delta 10 Flower 7g Jar – 5 Strains


BUDZ delta 10 flower is sourced from industrial hemp

Available in 5 Strains



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What is Delta-10? 

Delta-10-THC is just one of hundreds of cannabinoids in the hemp plant, and it’s capturing researchers’ attention! While Delta-8, 9 and 10 all produce somewhat similar effects, they have slight differences.

Of all THC cannabinoids, Delta-9-THC is the most potent and psychoactive, which is why many experience anxiety and paranoia when using Delta-9-THC products. Delta-8-THC, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same strong effects. It produces two-thirds the power of Delta-9-THC. Since the psychoactive effects of Delta-8-THC are slightly less than Delta-9-THC, many people prefer Delta-8.

Delta-10 is the best of both worlds! It’s not as psychoactive as Delta-9-THC, but it can also produce euphoric, soothing, and uplifting effects, minus the anxiety and paranoia.

Delta-8-THC and Delta-10-THC are completely legal and don’t require a medical marijuana card. Both products are great for relieving stress, easing pain, and just winding down after a long day. Delta-10-THC can even be used during the day and produces uplifting effects.


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